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Accept -- Lund, Sweden -- May 4th, 1993

This must be the best setlist this band has ever had. We were about 1200 people in a PACKED venue and man-o-man was this a great gig!! And for my money the band never sounded better, they were much heavier during the reunion due to having only one guitar. I love Wolf Hoffmann.

*Lund, SWE - Mejeriet may 4th 1993*
Living for tonite
Slaves to metal
Screaming for a love-bite
London leatherboys
Princess of the dawn
Neon nights
Winter dreams
Animal house
Restless and wild
Son of a bitch
TV war
Too high to get it right
The king
Objection overruled
Up to the limit
Fast as a shark
Balls to the wall

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