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Originally Posted by The Ghost at Number One View Post
Do we REALLY still need Trust, A Tout Le Monde and Skin o' My Teeth in the set? I really hoped MegaDave would follow through on shaking up the setlist this time around, but, yet again, my hope was in vain.

Very nice to see Hook in Mouth, though.
Set The World Afire was the opener for most of the tour and when they were in Australia last month he did do Devil's Island. So he is doing different stuff but not just not often enough. I don't have a problem with Trust or A Toute Le Monde but it wouldn't bother me if he dropped them for a tour. Same with WUD it's an alright tune i just don't understand why it's become the concert staple it has. Skin O' My Teeth can stay in as far as i'm conserned. I also understand not switching up the set too much if these same old songs get a reaction from the crowd every tour then keep them in i guess.

It would be nice still to get something like The Conjuring, Black Friday, Five Magics or Rust In Peace though.

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