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Ensiferum -- Vancouver, Canada --November 22nd, 2009

What an amazing show! It was my first time going to the newly built "Rickshaw Theatre", and it was incredible. Sketchy area, but definitely a great venue, made with the intent of hosting all-ages metal shows with a liquor license upstairs.

Hypocrisy/Ex Deo couldn't make the tour, and that was a huge disappoint, but it was out of their control, so no bad blood. Some local band opened up and they really didn't know what they were doing. Then Lazarus AD was up next, and I wasn't exactly looking forward to them.. But they were awesome, especially after the local support. The barricade came very close to being knocked over during their set! I'm pretty sure they played the same songs as on other dates..

Blackguard was down a man (their bass player), so their sound wasn't exactly top notch.. But they still gave it their all, and were really energetic on stage, so props for them.

Next up was the almighty Ensiferum, and they slayed everyone in Vancouver. Everyone. Even those who did not attend the show, or have never heard of them. They were absolutely flawless, and you could definitely tell they love what they do. Highlights (for me) of the night were probably Wanderer (With everyone singing along!), and Guardians of Fate simply because of how well they performed it.

Merch was 35$ a shirt (always more expensive in Canada ).. And they had all of their CD's for sale.

Ensiferum's set was as follows:

(By The Dividing Stream)
From Afar
Twilight Tavern
Little Dreamer
Elusive Reaches
Stone Cold Metal
Guardians Of Fate
Tale Of Revenge
Smoking Ruins
Slayer Of Light
One More Magic Potion
(Tumman Virran Taa)
The Longest Journey
Treacherous Gods
Battle Song

**Petri made the crowd vote on either Iron or Battle Song as the last song, but of course everyone wanted both, which they seemed rather surprised at.

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