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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
Now I really hate myself for not going to Tulsa during the spring.
That show was fucking amazing dude. You really should have went. All the bands kicked ass (although the red head from The Faceless was kind of a douche). My only Cannibal Corpse complaint was the crowd. Almost every single person up front was literally sitting on the fucking stage doing nothing at all. I was right behind them, headbanging my neck to hell, slapping them in the fucking face with my hair trying to get them to move. Little 16 year olds wearing corpse paint, not knowing any of the fucking songs. After a while I got un-smashed and had my own little area to headbang in.

I got lucky as hell. I parked like 50 feet from where the tour bus was, so two of my friends and I got to meet them, while the rest of my friends parked on the opposite side of the venue. As soon as we got back to town we found them at a party, showed off our autographed tickets, laughed at them for being pissed at us, and left. I want to see Cannibal Corpse again...really badly.
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