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Absolutely amazing show. I def enjoyed Hate Eternal, damn shame there was only 12 people that seemed to enjoy them but hey thats what the lovely KC will do sometimes.

Goddamn I hated Born Of Osiris. Absolute shit. I actually hated them as much as Emmure when I saw them at the first of the year. Fucking seriously a keyboard @ the front of the stage? Atleast some of the crappy death/mallcore bands that have keyboards have the decency to hide them in the back. I heard literally 1 minute of opening song. Saw the kids go crazy for them and realized it would be a good time to sit down for awhile. Enough of negative crap.

This might have been the best I've seen Unearth look and I've seen them probably 5 or 6 times now. I don't get it I really want to hate Susi everytime I see him for some of the d bag stuff that he does but dammit I just can't, and I'm ok w/ that. Same exact set as all tour. Very disapointed that III: In The Eyes of Fire or whatever it's called was ignored except for Sanctity Of Brothers. Probably could have dropped atleast 1 new song but still if that's the biggest complaint I will take it. Trevor congratulated KC for beating the Steelers. He said he probably lost like $300 in a football pool but he was ok w/ that!!! LOL

Pretty pissed my camera decided to run out of batteries right before CC but I'm beginning to make peace w/ that. First time getting to see them on normal tour not counting Mayhem Fest. Wow I don't even have words to describe what I just saw. Kept getting a kick out of people in Hatebreed shirts continually yelling out for them to play Hammer Smashed Face 1) because it's the only CC song they probably know 2) do they really think that they wouldn't play it to begin w/? Floor absolutely opened up for them. Amazing stuff. Now I really hate myself for not going to Tulsa during the spring. Neck hurts like hell right now.

And of course probably 50-75 people left after CC which is to be expected. I ended up enjoying Hatebreed alot more than what I thought I would. Jamey came out w/ the quote of the night IMO: "Anybody who is standing around must be a Kanye West fan." Not sure why I found that so funny but nonetheless I did. There were a few surprises and a few disapointments in the setlist. I'll post what I remember. Just remember the first 2 openers and closers:

Everyone Bleeds Now
In Ashes They Shall Reap
A Call For Blood
Kill An Addict
Last Breath
This Is Now
Tear It Down
Destroy Everything
As Diehard As They Come
Ghost Of War
Live For This
To The Threshold
I Will Be Heard
Empty Promises

I might be missing another new song or 2 but this is pretty darn close, w/o being in order other than first and last 2. Generally Hatebreed was pretty good @ getting more than like two songs from the Satisfaction record but failed to this time. Very disapointed about no Before Dishonor. I was quite impressed that they actually played Kill An Addict. I didn't even know they still did that song. Would have rather heard Smash Your Enemies if I had to pick one from Under The Knife but I'm happy w/ either one. Also glad to get A Call For Blood but would have rather gotten Proven. I will still consider that a victory. Jamey also congratulated KC on beating the Steelers and then told us if somebody wasn't moving, to treat them like a Steelers fan haha. (Sorry to any Steelers fans reading this) Those are just a few comments. Still very glad that I went minus Born Of Osiris but hey I know you can't win them all. Everybody Bleeds Now was a great opener. I was surprised b/c I didn't know they were opening w/ that but it was great. Nice to see them not play I Will Be Heard as the closer. It seemed shorter than what I thought. There was no encore. They were just out there and then gone. Oh well. I would highly reccomend this to anyone.
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