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Got there pretty much as Cauldron started. At first I wasn't really a fan, I mean the music was ok, but the vocals kind of suck. I have no idea what they sound like on a CD but live it seemed to be more of a pop/alternative rock style of singing, which didnt go to well with the heavy metal/thrash music. After the set was over, and I grew a little more accustomed to the vocals, they were good enough. One thing they really need to do is figure out some stage presence, they totally blow at being energetic, they tried to throw in a few guitars out/raised up/play side by side things together but they were just uncoordinated enough to look really stupid, and the between song dialogue was boring and shitty. Apparently Dave Mustaine's nephew is in the band, so the singer/bass player introduced him by saying "How many Megadeth fans we got out there?" to which everyone got excited, and then quickly disappointed when instead of playing a Megadeth song they just name dropped the drummer. I only got the setlist because they announced all of the songs except for the first.

Phobia were up next. Phobia are just the best. There isn't really much to say beyond that. They have a new bass player, not Ross Sewage and not the original guy. These two girls (like maybe 12-13 year olds) standing behind me were talking really loudly during every song, and between songs yelled things mocking Phobia for having "eeee" singing (it reminded me of what I imagined that douchebag who didn't like Cattle posted here awhile ago was doing, and it reminded me how much I fucking hate people.) Thankfully some cool cruster chick I was standing next too finally smashed them out of their spots and into the pit where I can only hope they were horribly injured.

Off With Their Heads were a punk band, and not like awesome hardcore punk, like Rancid meets new Green Day punk. They talked once at the very end of their set, when some guy yelled play something metal, and they did some little grindy thing, so that was cool of them. Music itself got kind of annoying. Whatever.

It took an ungodly amount of time for the Waste to set up, and they had a really incompetent sound guy trying to set their shit up. Like, no joke he got really confused because the bass wasnt making sound, without realizing it wasn't plugged in. And he held Ryan's guitar upside down and couldn't figure out where the volume was. When they finally got on they played an awesome set. Typical craziness of crowd surfers (the first one that went up in between me and the aforementioned crust chick was beaten down by her, don't really know why) and non stop moshing. During wrong answer they said they were going to "reclaim the wall of death" which they had retired a few years ago because of "gay shit like Atreyu and Fallout Boy." The actual wall of death was sorta cool I guess, but far less impressive than at some more death metal oriented show. No Inebriator or props of any kind were used. Overall MW just play great, fun show, not much more to say.

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