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i agree about the venue sucking. Hordes of Hates was so terrible i think that's the worst band i've ever seen, then again they're only a local band. Statius was very impressive. Kivimetsan Druidi bored me. my friend and i didn't want to wait at the venue for another 3 hours to wait for Eluveitie so we went to a hotel party my friends were at and decided to came back later. we got back at 12:35 when Eluveitie was supposed to come on at 12:25, and only to find out Belphegor has been playing for a little bit. finally Eluveitie hits the stage at 1ish and alot of the crowd had already left. not suprising because they started really late. Eluveitie was awesome but it felt like i was watching an opening band for the first few songs cause barely anyone was into it. then after awhile the crowd got more into it and there were more pits, crowd surfers, and folk dancing. too bad i missed Alestorm but i did not want to be at the venue for a full 7 hours.

by the way i reaally don't think Eluveitie played Birctom and Omnos because i also wrote the setlist as the show went on. also Slania's Song should be Song of Life.

awesome show though! i was the guy with the blue Wintersun shirt
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