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Municipal Waste -- San Fransisco, CA -- November 21st, 2009

I'll actually write a review later today.

Chained up in Chains
Into the Cauldron
Drinking Beer and Making Noise
Dreams Die
Torture is too Kind

Phobia (correct songs, possibly a few more, but after the first 5 the order is probably completely wrong):
Bring the War
Continue Insane
I Reject
So Full of Hate
Contest to Amend
Rise Up
Fuck What You Think
Get Up and Kill
Ultimate Suffering
Death to False Punks
Drunken Spree of Violence
Insults to Defeat
Beer Break
Sick Life
Beer Bitches and Bullet Belts
Staying Bastards
Ailing Addiction
The Stench

Municipal Waste (100%, got the setlist):
Unleash the Bastards
Thrashing is My Business...
Divine Blasphemer
Beer Pressure
Mental Shock
Blood Drive
Accelerated Vision
Wrong Answer
Terror Shark
Masked by Delirium
-Landphil Solo-
Sadistic Magician
Thrashin' of the Christ
Waste 'Em All
Mutants of War
Toxic Revolution
Black Ice
I Want to Kill the President
Acid Sentence
Born to Party
Guilty of Being Tight
Mind Eraser
Headbanger Facerip
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