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Ensiferum -- Seattle, WA -- November 21st, 2009

Lazarus AD was pretty good, had some catchy riffs. Blackguard was awesome as always this was the 3rd time i've seen them and the crowd was awesome, they even said this was their favorite city to play in and i certainly hope that's true =D. they had technical difficulties so their set was cut short a couple songs.

Ensiferum was fucking awesome, venue was packed and the crowd was nuts. This was the 4th time i've seen them live and probably the best performance they've ever had here. they had a vote whether or not to play iron or battle song at the end but the crowd was yelling for both so they played both of them

By The Dividing Stream
From Afar
Twilight Tavern
Little Dreamer
Elusive Reaches
Stone Cold Metal
Guardians Of Fate
Tale Of Revenge
Smoking Ruins
Slayer Of Light
One More Magic Potion
The Longest Journey
Treacherous Gods
--Super Encore--
Battle Song

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