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Had trouble finding parking and ended up missing High on Fire's set and looks like they had a pretty short set, oh well. Converge was alright but nothing spectacular.

The highlight of course of Mastodon and Dethklok. It was fucking awesome seeing Mastodon play the Crack the Skye album in its entirety and i'm glad that they played songs from Blood Mountain, Leviathan and Remission, though I wish they had played more than just one song from Leviathan. Though I love Mastodon to death, I don't think they delivered with their visuals, they were okay, but could have been better.

Initially I wasn't sure what to expect with the Dethklok live show, but it fucking delivered 150%! The visuals were top notch and the in between song animations were pretty funny. Loved the one about moshing. "Why do you help someone up after they've fallen in the pit? Because if you don't, that's a dick move." There was a fan that had an awesome Dr. Rockso costume, was surprised he didn't try to get closer to the stage. My favorite song was Murmaider, the visuals, the music, fuck yeah!
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