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ITLOH is cool and everything but I didn't know it was something every Megadeth fan wanted to hear them do live. There's a bunch of songs from them I have on my list for them to play that i'd rather hear before that one. Hook In Mouth is one of them. Very cool they played it I don't recall that being done too often the last few tours does anyone know the last time it was played in North America?

I've seen them in '94, '97, 2005 and 2007 and i've never heard them do HIM before. Also this isn't a knock on the city or the people there but how exactly does Covington, Kentucky get Megadeth and there are no dates in upstate NY(Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse) not only for this tour but for the one coming up with Slayer and Testament. Absoluty nothing in my area to drive to unless I wanna deal with the BS of border crossing and go to Canada for a show. Something isn't making sense with the tour booking here if you ask me.

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