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Dethklok -- Los Angeles, CA -- November 20th, 2009

What a night! Mastodon and Dethklok kicked ass!!

It was my first time seeing Dethklok and I was about to cry when they played the Deth Theme lol.

It was perfect for my 100th show of the year. Detailed review coming up!! If somebody could help me out with the Converge and High on Fire set lists that would be great.

Pictures are here for the moment. To be posted on the webzine soon.

1. Oblivion
2. Divinations
3. Quintessence
4. The Czar
5. Ghost Of Karelia
6. Crack The Skye
7. The Last Baron
8. Circle Cysquatch
9. Aqua Dementia
10.Where Strides The Behemoth
11.Mother Puncher

1. Intro Video
2. Deththeme
3. Bloodlines
4. Burn The Earth
5. Facebones Video
6. Hatredcopter
7. Black Fire Upon Us
8. Birthday Dethday
9. Coffee Video
10.Coffee Jingle
11.Moshing Video
12.Deth Support
14.Bathroom Video
15.The Gears
18.Eyes/Elect Video
19.Go Into The Water
20.Brendon On Mic
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