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Decibel's Top Albums of 2009

Haven't read it yet because I won't have the magazine until I go home, I just lurked their forums for spoilers. But here you go; let the bitching commence:

1. Baroness-Blue Record
2. Converge-Axe To Fall
3. Coalesce- Ox
4. Napalm Death-Time Waits No Slave
5. Cobalt-Gin
6. Kylesa-Static Tensions
7. Slayer-World Painted Blood
8. Tombs-Winter Hours
9. Marduk-Wormwood
10. Isis-Wavering Radiant
11. Immortal-All Shall Fall
12. Agoraphobic Nosebleed-Agorapocalypse
13. Obscura-Cosmogenesis
14. Magrudergrind-S/T
15. Nile-Those Whom The Gods Detest
16. YOB- The Great Cessation
17. Mastodon-Crack The Skye
18. Paradise Lost-Faith Divides Us,Death Unites Us
19. The Atlas Moth-A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky
20. Asphyx-Death...The Brutal Way
21. Altar Of Plauges-White Tomb
22. Mournful Congregation-The June Frost
23. Funeral Mist-Maranatha
24. The Gates Of Slumber-Hymns Of Blood And Thunder
25. Burnt By The Sun-Heart Of Darkness
26. City Of Ships-Look What God Did To Us
27. Goatwhore-Carving Out The Eyes Of God
28. Gaza-He Is Never Coming Back
29. Katatonia-Night Is The New Day
30. Keelhaul-Keelhaul's Triumphannt Return To Obscurity
31. The Red Chord-Fed Through The Teeth Machine
32. Brutal Truth-Evolution Through Revolution
33. Krallice-Dimensional Bleedthrough
34. Culted-Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep
35. Goes Cube-Another Day Has Passed
36. Suffocation-Blood Oath
37. Javelina-Beasts Among Sheep
38. Municipal Waste-Massive Aggressive
39. Millions-Gather Scatter
40. Funebrarum-The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams

Top Five That Didn't Make The Cut:
41. Alice In Chains-Black Gives Way To Blue
42. Portal-Swarth
43. Skeletonwitch-Breathing The Fire
44. Pelican- What We All Come To Need
45. Irritate-Ten Stabs Of Demented Violence

...meh. Cobalt in the top five is awesome, but aside from that, only two of mine are in their top 45 (Nile and Mastodon), and they have some boring-ass (or just plain shitty) records on here. Slayer? Suffocation? Really? And the lack of BTBAM, Shrinebuilder, and WITTR are the biggest head-scratchers for me knowing what they usually dig. Disappointing list but props to Cobalt. Can't wait to read their article on it, and to destroy it with my article (interviewing Phillip McSorley tomorrow! Very excite!)

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