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Suffocation -- Seattle, WA -- November 14th, 2009

Suffocation flew out to play a one off show here and also in Vancouver the next day. it turned into a big local metalfest so i showed up very late for vital remains, the faceless and suffocation.

Vital Remains:
They kicked a lot of ass however im not too familiar with their discography.
songs i know they played
1. Icons of Evil
2. Dechristianize
3. Savior to None... Failure to All
4. Hammer Down The Nails

The Faceless:
they were alright just not really my cup of tea. note i only know the setlist because they played their entire second album from start to finish.
1. Akeldama
2. Prison Born
3. The Ancient Covenant
4. Shape Shifters
5. Coldly Calculated Design
6. Xeno Christ
7. Sons of Belial
8. Legion of the Serpent
9. Planetary Duality I
10. Planetary Duality II
11. An Autopsy

kicked ass as always, 4th time i've seen them live and they always put on a brutal show. mike smith is a beast, frank is still entertaining. note, some may not be in correct order.
1. Blood Oath
2. Infecting the Crypts
3. Thrones Of Blood
4. Abomination Reborn
5. Liege of Inveracity
6. Cataclysmic Purification
7. Blind Torture Kill
8. Habitual Infamy
9. ??? Song from Blood Oath
10. Funeral Inception
11. Pierced From Within

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