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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
Well what i said applys to both. Just anwser this. Song or album list of the decade what bands would you put in if they are not your favorite bands. Wouldnt it be obvious that people would put their favorite bands in a top ten list about music of this decade.
What I meant was that only putting four bands in would be like me only putting in songs by Slipknot, LoG, PanterA and Slayer, my four favorites, but I wont do that, cuz its uninteresting. Look put it whatever you want, I really dont care that much, just, have a bit of fun with it, only have one song per band on the list.. Only having four bands is ignorant of all the talent that came out this decade, if u heard a ranking like this on the radio, or on the tv, or on a website, you'd be annoyed if it only included four bands, with like four songs by each band on it. Make it interesting to those who are reading it, you said you like loads of other stuff, then show it is all im saying
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