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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
If it's not a question of who you like the most then how exactly do you go about making your list? There has been a lot of good metal to come out over the last ten years and it's recieved a huge resurgence in popularity but this was hardly the best decade metal has ever had music wise 1980-1990 gets that distinction as far as i'm conserned.

But in terms of variety I don't have a problem with someone only including four or five artists on their list. If they feel those particular artists came out with the best songs over the last decade then what's the big deal? It doesn't mean that they only listen to those few bands it just means that person feels the stand out tracks of the last ten years have been done by a few particular artists. I'll have to think about my list a little before I post it but I garuntee you that it would be dominated by stuff off the 3 albums Maiden has let out this decade. It doesn't mean I only listen to Iron Maiden it just means they released the material that stood out most for me the last decade.
IT just seems ignorant to ONLY include four bands in a list like this. Honestly, it just baffles me that of all the bands and songs to come out, he'd include only four bands. And what I meant by its not about your favorite bands, cuz its favorite songs, not favorite bands. And @ indestructible, its a song list not an album list.

All im saying is I find it hard to believe in a list like this anyone would have trouble putting 11 serparate bands in.
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