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I didn't know that the promotion for the album was that bad. Dave is right though he shouldn't have to do that stuff after shows it's not his job. The lable is suppose to promote Endgame in the ways Mustaine can't. I'm surprised he's never considered starting his own lable i would think he's got the money to do that and it seems like something someone like him would've done by now. If he's gotta promote the stuff like this himself than he might as well just start his own record company since that's basically what he's doing now.

What I don't get is if he's disappointed with the promotion why not take the Iron Maiden approach and play the shit out of your new album live? If you mix the set right between Endgame and the old stuff it will still be a solid set and you'll let the fans know who don't have the album yet that you got a very good new album out that you are proud of.

If Dave were to do that the set could go something like this:

Dialectic Chaos/This Day We Fight!
Hangar 18
Skin O' My Teeth
44 mins
How The Story Ends
The Conjuring
Tornado Of Souls
Bite The Hand
In My Darkest Hour
A Toute Le Monde
The Right To Go Insane

Peace Sells
Symphony Of Destruction
Holy Wars

Not much in the way of variety with the old stuff but if Dave really wants to promote the album a set like this would be good. Plus since the new album does rock even the people who aren't familiar with Endgame should respond favorably to it.

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