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Metallica -- New York City, NY -- November 15, 2009

Of the 4 times I've seen Metallica on this tour, this was by far the best show I've seen from them. All the bands sounded way better than the night prior to this one. It was overall an incredible evening. And the setlist made it even better...

1. That Was Just Your Life
2. The End of the Line
3. Creeping Death
4. The Shortest Straw
5. Fade to Black
6. Broken, Beat, and Scared
7. My Apocalypse
8. Sad But True
9. One
10. The Judas Kiss
11. The Day That Never Comes
12. Master of Puppets
13. Dyers Eve
14. Nothing Else Matters
15. Enter Sandman

16. Last Caress
17. Trapped Under Ice
18. Seek and Destroy

Awesome set if you ask me. Lamb of God and Volbeat played the same sets as last night. Overall, an amazing show.
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