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Originally Posted by Maidenmagic View Post
I like Turn the page. AS A BOB SEGER SONG. They could have put creeping death, disposable heroes, frantic, And justice for all (That would make shows longer) etc. there. Three ballads is too much. If it was up to me, One would the only ballad.
Actually if you seen them live 3 ballads is perfect. It gives both the audience and the band a few minutes to relax after rockin out so hard to the faster heavier stuff. I don't like NEM but at my show they did Damage Inc before it and it fit perfect there because it gave everyone a chance to mellow out for a few before they hit you with Sandman.

It's actually a smart move by the band they wanna make sure that not only they have to energy to go all the way through the set but you gotta make sure you don't burn out the crowd and make sure they keep the energy up for the whole show. Metallica used to do sets with Fade, Sanitarium, One and Unforgiven in them all the time. So it's not like it's anything new for them to play some slower ones. It's really does help pace things out better for everyone involved.

Do you really think Lars could play drums like he does live for two hours every show without a few ballads thrown in so he can catch his breath?

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