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Dethklok -- Tulsa, OK -- November 14th, 2009

I know I'm going to catch shit for this...but it be da troof.

High On Fire - annoying
Converge - one of the top 3 worst bands I've seen live. I wanted to commit suicide several times during their way too long set, as did everyone near me, and the security guard that looks like a huge steroid raged Willie Adler with short hair.
Mastodon - boring. I know Mastodon are musical geniuses but they're not my thing.
Dethklok - fun and bad ass.

Burn The Earth
Black Fire Upon Us
Birthday Dethday
Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
The Gears
Go Into The Water

Review may come later when my neck doesn't hurt and I stop having ringing ears from hell. Brady Theater is always just a little too loud, especially if you're up front.
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