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for anyone interested, these were the Lamb of God and Volbeat sets:

Lamb of God
1. The Passing/In Your Words
2. Set To Fail
3. Walk With Me in Hell
4. Now You've Got Something To Die For
5. Ruin
6. Dead Seeds
7. Laid to Rest
8. Redneck
9. Black Label

I honestly wanted to enjoy these guys, since it was my first time ever seeing them. I just genuinely couldn't because the sound was just so awful. I could barely hear any of the guitars and vocals, it was just all bass (mostly double bass drum of course). I hope to see them in a better venue where the sound won't suck as much...

1. The Human Instrument
2. Sad Man's Tongue
3. Hallelujah Goat
4. ?
5. ?
6. Still Counting

There may have been one song in the middle that I didn't recognize. The sound was alittle better for these guys than for Lamb of God, but it still was difficult to even hear. The volume was so low that people behind me were talking normally over the music the entire time. I was disappointed they didn't play "Wild Rover of Hell" seeing as how it actually has a Metallica reference in the lyrics. Last time I saw these guys, I didn't know who they were and they opened for Nightwish at the Nokia Theater. There, the sound quality was perfect and they played a great 45 minutes set. I guess the Garden didn't exactly treat their sound very well...

As for Metallica, this was my 3rd show seeing them (all of which were on this tour) and this was by far my least favorite. Don't get me wrong, it was an awesome show, but it just wasn't that enjoyable. I had shitty seats, while last 2 times i had the exact middle, but like 19 rows up (awesome view though) and then 1st row by one of the corners of the stage. This time, i had seats in the 3rd tier, off to the side so we were facing the corner of the stage. It wasn't a bad view, but i would've liked to have been closer. The setlist itself was pretty awesome though. I wasn't expecting to hear either Holier Than Thou or Fight Fire With Fire, so i was pretty happy. Only disappointing part was getting Turn The Page, since I'm really not a big fan of that song. Oh well. They were tight as hell and played great.

I will be seeing them again at the Garden tonight. This time, 5th row center and I'm expecting it to be even more awesome
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