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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Am I the only one who wonders how huge Machine Head would be if they didn't even make The Burning Red or Supercharger?
I wonder that as well though I do think TBR actually sold pretty decent for them But you're right they should be bigger. They came back huge with TTAOE and The Blackening but still aren't getting the mainstream attention I think they deserve. They have the right sound it's just not the right year. If this were the late 80's or early 90's they would've been huge. Giving that they've been on Mayhem and have opened for Metallica, Megadeth and Heaven and Hell i'm surprised The Blackening hasn't at least reached gold status in the US yet. At least to my knowledge it hasn't I don't recall reading anything about it.

The set is solid but am I the only one who's thinking that since they're doing so few US headlining that they should do more than 13 songs? It seems a bit short to me. Since the headline gigs are so rare here I think they should go all out when they do have one and add in 4 or 5 more songs maybe that's just me though.
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