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Eluveitie -- Springfield, VA -- November 12th, 2009

1. the Quest
2. Wenches and Meet
3. That Famous Old Spice
4. Nancy the Tavered Wrench
5. Keelhauled
6. Over the Seas
7. Terror on the High Seas
8. Captain Morgan's Revenge
9. Wolves of the Sea

1. Primordial Breath
2. Bloodstained Ground
3. Your Gaulish War
4. Slania's Song
5. Britcom
6. Omnos
7. Uis Elveti
8. Inis Mona (listed as Mona Lisa on the set lol
9. Grey Sublime Action
10. Dominion (the name of the New Fucking Track. It sounds amazing, and if this is what the res of the album is like, it could make an early 2010 album of the year candidate)
11. Andros
12. The Somber Lay
13. Tegernako
and for proof

I'll post a review tomorrow when i'm more up for it, and yes Eluveitie did play all of those songs, as they did have plenty of time, played about an hour and 6 min
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