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Vader -- Cleveland, OH -- November 12th, 2009

Venue: Peabody's
Source: Yours truly, The Nat

So I arrived late because I had some bidness in one o' the suburbs for a minute, and I missed Swashbuckle and Augury. Boo and damn. I had wanted to catch Swashbuckle because I think the visual spectacle might have been fun (pirates playing thrash = why the hell not check 'em out for a laugh?). I wanted to see Augury a bit just because I listened to a few samples on their MySpace and liked what I heard. No big deal in either case, I guess.

I did see The Amenta. They weren't really my thing. Kinda a weak deathcore or core-ish technical death metal group. They were (are) from Australia. They wore black(ish) face paint, and all black clothes. They played seven-string guitars, I think. Their drummer is a cheating bastard (triggers all the way). The lead vocalist made weird faces. Meh - pass. Their set was:

The Amenta
Erebus (this one wasn't too bad)

Then came Warbringer. I had listened to some samples of these cats online as well, and truth be told I thought it was a weak version of Skeletonwitch (or Skeletontits, as Mankvill calls them ). I was kinda wrong. These guys really bring the energy live. The crowd really liked them, too. Great stuff. Their set was:

Living in a Whirlwind
Severed Reality
Total War
Scorched Earth
Combat Shock

Next up was Decrepit Birth, who were 50% of the reason I was there. I've found their album stuff to be very competent and somewhat compelling, but a little sterile and mechanical - maybe just a bit too inaccessible. Don't get me wrong - I like these guys - they just suffer a little bit from the typical technical death metal curse of being a bit too robotic-sounding...on album. Live, however, they were fucking fantastic. Just tight enough that you could tell they are a technical death metal band, but just raw enough that there was some "grit" to it. Their guitarists are really good. Their drummer is fantastic, and the vocalist is a total freak (but a really nice guy - I talked to him a bit at the merch table after their set). You should check out these guys live - they kick ass. Their set was:

Decrepit Birth
Living Doorway
The Infestation
Polarity (title track from the upcoming album, due in Spring 2010)
Condemned to Nothingness
Diminishing Between Worlds
Symbiosis (another new one)
Prelude to the Apocalypse

Then at long last, came Vader - the other 50% of my reason for being there tonight. I had never seen them live, and to be honest I really hadn't even started listening to them until about a month ago (don't know why, because they are really fucking good). Thus, my set list below needs a little help, because I think they ran a few songs together and I couldn't tell what a few of them were because they were so fucking loud at times (not that I'm complaining about that ). Anyway, Vader fucking crushed - end of story. I am really glad I saw them live, finally - I will be listening to them a lot more in the future. Their set was (confirmed songs listed in bold, and I probably missed a few...):

Rise of the Undead
Never Say My Name
?The Wrath?
Between Day and Night
Black to the Blind
Dark Age
This Is the War (EDIT: With "Para Bellum" intro)

A couple of parting shots about these guys:

First, it seemed like they may have played a bit of a shortened set. I don't remember what the total playing time was, but it barely seemed like an hour - maybe less. I think the crowd may have let them down a little. There were about fifty or sixty people or so in the pit (Peabody's is a smallish venue), but they weren't doing much during the set besides throwing up a few horns and fists. They cheered a lot between songs, but no real moshing was going on. I'm not sure what Vader thought about it all.

Also, I'm pretty sure they didn't play "Anger" from the new album, which I was really looking forward to. Oh well. Still an awesome show.
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