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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
holy fuck Creeping Death, No Remorse, Phantom Lord, and DAMAGE INC in the same night? i would've paid $100 to see that.
The highest ticket price for this show was $72 but I know what you mean. I've been fortunate enough five of the six times i've seen them to get Creeping Death it's my favorite song from them and I lost my voice during it.

Some fun facts about the show according to this was the first time in 24 years they played No Remorse and Phantom Lord in Buffalo. This was also the first time they ever did Damage Inc and Blitzkrieg here so I feel extra fortunate to have got these songs

I also forgot to mention in my review how awesome the new stuff sounded live. It sounded a hundered times better at the show than it does on CD i'm not sure if i'll ever be able to listen to DM again since it won't be the same at all now. I don't know how they've been playing at the other shows this tour but it seems having a good new album that the band and fans like has really revived them live. Not that they were bad before this but at this show they just seemed more energetic and "youthful" and into it than i've seen them in awhile the last time I saw them play with this much enthusiasm was when I saw them in '92 and '94.
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