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Eluveitie -- St. Paul, MN -- November 9th, 2009

because of the drive from my college to the cities i was debating if i should go to this show or not...ended up going (obviously) and it was way more fun that i expected

opening band Kivimetsan Druidi, never heard of them but they were fairly awesome, not a huge fan of the female singer they had but musically very folky and fun!

next was Vreid. I saw these guys about 2 years ago at Heathen Crusade 2 and i enjoyed what i heard...but for some reason i never listened to them on cd and now i have no choice to find some of there stuff since again i enjoyed there show and sound!

Alestorm was up and i dont care what anyone says i love these guys live! singing to there pirate songs are is always great times! here is there set:
1) The Quest
2) Wenches And Mead
3) That Famous Olí Spice
4) Nancy The Tavern Wench
5) Over The Seas
6) Keelhauled
7) Huntmaster
8) Captain Morganís Revenge
9) Wolves of The Sea

Next was Belphegor! i love the set they played and was very happy with there new songs they picked as well, setlist is as follows:

1) Bleeding Salvation
2) Seyn Todt In Schwartz
3) Hell's Ambassador
4) Lucifer Incestus
5) Stigma Diabolicum
6) Walpurgis Rites
7) Justine Soaked In Blood
8) Reichswehr In Blood
9) Bondage Goat Zombie

Finally the headliners came on, I missed Eluveitie when they came through on the Paganfest with Ensiferum a couple years ago due to dumb traffic...and when they hit the stage it was sweet! lots of fun banging my head and such. suprised no one has submitted a setlist for them yet. here it goes:

1) Primordial Breath
2) Bloodstained Ground
3) Slania's Song
4) Song Of Life
5) Tarvos
6) Inis Mona
7) Uis Elveti
8) Grey Sublime Archon
9) New Song not yet released
10) Andro
11) Calling The Rain
12) Tegernako

its possible i missed one for Eluveitie but im pretty confident with how it looks. it was an awesome set and i hope they come back again soon!
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