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When I read the thread title I fully expected to see White Zombie songs in the set. Rob Zombie always does some stuff from them so I don't see the big deal with including that material

Intro: Sinners, Inc.
Demon Speeding
Demonoid Phenomenon
American Witch
More Human Than Human
Thunder Kiss '65
Meet The Creeper
Living Dead Girl
The Scorpion Sleeps
Death Of It All
Electric Head Pt. 1
Electric Head Pt. 2
Feel So Numb
Let It All Bleed Out
House Of 1000 Corpses
Lords Of Salem

Never Gonna Stop

With this being 18 songs there is a chance that something close to this could get played but I doubt it. A set like this would be way too awesome for the audience to handle. Of course this will probably change in a few months when HBD2 comes out
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