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Alestorm -- Detroit, MI -- November 8th, 2009

Just came back the merry ol' land of Canada from Heathenfest at Blondies, in Detroit, and it was really fucking epic.

The opener was a generic folk/blackish metal band complete with flute player and keyboard.They played three song and were by no means bad, but knowing there from the area just makes it less epic, considering there talking about pagan viking type stuff, and there from Detroit. The imagery just awkward.

Kivimetsan Druidi played next and they were phenomenal. I came to the show thinking there were going to be generic folk metal, but there were really great and they had catchy guitar riffs which is always a plus in my books. I also liked how the female vocalist moved and danced and didnt just stand there like another pretty face.

They were really fast with the setup, and than came the mighty Vreid. Again i came into the show thinking they would be generic, and than BOOM! Just total greatness exploding in everyones faces. I recommend seeing them if you r the slightest into extreme metal, really great stuff.

Than came the band im pretty sure 95% of the audience was there for (including me) ALESTORM! Why they weren't headlining is beyond me, because they by far got the greatest reaction of the night. They played half from the new album and half from the last album and was just fun all around.

1. The Quest
2. Wenches and Mead
3. That Famous Ol’ Spice
4. Nancy The Tavern Wench
5. Keelhauled
6. Over The Seas
7. Captain Morgan’s Revenge
8. Wolves of the Sea

Belphegor was up next, and they suffered from going after Alestormitist. They were great, but going after Alestorm is extremely tough, but they made it up (to me anyways) by playing Justine:Soaked In Blood and Bondage Goat Zombie. A good old fashion death fest indeed. I don't remember every song, but they played about 8 songs all together.

2. Hell's Ambassador
3. Lucifer Incestus
4. Stigma Diabolicum
5. ???
6. Justine: Soaked In Blood
7. ???
8. Bondage Goat Zombie

I was hoping Eluveitie would be awesome but for me they were just okay. And considering im a huge fan of Alestorm and Belphegor, there was pretty much no way they were going to be able to top them. We decided to leave early, and we talked about Alestorm all the way home.

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