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Ok, I am back at Bing and relaxed enough, it's time for the review. I normally wouldn't care to give my opinion since the setlist has already been posted, but the bands were SO damned polarizing, and nothing has been covered fully in depth yet. So to tread in!

First off, the venue is awesome. Kind of like the Fillmore but a little better actually, I did not expect it to be that good. Not that many crowd surfers at all (but then again that might have been due to the bands), nice aesthetics, and cheap merch. So anyway, I went with makethemsuffer12, and we got barricade with some friends of ours and I bought a Vader shirt and a Warbringer shirt (the latter of which I'm wearing right now ). The place is EMPTY, maybe like 30ish people, horrid turnout so far. Then, they go on.

Their name is Rose Funeral. They came on with their stupid gauges, gay tight clothes, and overall retarded stage persona. The singer was the biggest Suicide Silence frontfag ever, and the guitarists looked like JFAG rejects. The bassist was some fat Asian that looked like he came straight out of a scene kid White Castle, and to not get anymore personal about them and to say the least, they DID NOT belong there and that was apparent immediately. Then they began to play their music. It was god awful, the most cliche deathcore ever, and as deathcore is awful to begin with, it was even worse this time around. The singer moved around in that gay fashion and had seizures on stage while pig squealing and "growling". I wanted to jump the barricade and beat the shit out of him, but I decided to watch instead. Immediately after their first song ended, this guy in a white Warbringer T-shirt bagged on them, and I mean BAGGED. He yelled things like "You fucking suck!" or "Suck my dick faggots!" and they only got worse. The band chose to ignore it, for they could do nothing and they saw how much they were being despised. During their songs, the guy did the YMCA dance/ballerina moves, and it was oh too funny. The guitarist (being the tough guy faggot that most deathcore people are), picked a fight with a guy right behind me because he kept on yelling "Fuck deathcore!", and he made the sign that he was going to die and mouthed multiple times "I'm going to fucking kill you". A scrawny mother fucker threatening him as well, it was quite amusing to see a guy who looked like someone shot him in the ears then put earrings in there threaten multiple people. Once everyone started joining the hate parade he shut the fuck up and continued to do that gay deathcore jump/"headbang".

This band deserves two paragraphs solely for the reason that this band epitomized why I want "core" to die out fast as hell, especially the death kind of core. They are ridiculously stupid, they think they're tough when they're just a bunch of scrawny fags or obese fags. This is a direct ode to mankvill, you can not like Lamb of God's music all you want, but just watch these guys man. And yes, I'm trying to compromise here . You want tough guy brocore who are going to fuck up their "wives" after and wear wifebeaters/race in their tractors for corn? See these guys open up for a crowd they shouldn't be. These guys were too funny, and provided a very polarizing amusing/aggravating time.

Onwards, Augury were technically beast, especially the bassist/drummer. This was literally the only band I've ever seen live where the vocals/guitars were not the prominent part of the music. I am not undermining the bass/drums in any other metal band, that's not the point. But it's just well known that the guitars especially are the driving force, as well as the vox. But here, the spotlight was easily on the bassist, who was one of the best I've ever seen. The drummer was rock solid too, and he played in the following band as well, so a massive props to there technicality. Also, super note-worthy that the singer/guitarist pulled an absolutely SICK solo at the end of the final song by tapping on the pickups and playing flawlessly. Sorry to say though, the music is not my thing and it was kind of boring . Just my opinion though.

Next were The Amenta. Only comments I have for these guys are they are incredibly boring. Their music is mediocre, and the singer tries to be "black metal" so hard and fails just as hard. The keyboardist was getting really mad during the set because the vox were really low and he was yelling the lyrics sometimes as well, and as makethemsuffer pointed out earlier, it was hilarious that he was louder than the singer. The Warbringer guy mentioned above was doing the dances to them as well, so that only fueled his fire. They were pretty bad, and put me to sleep.

FINALLY, Warbringer came on, and it is very note-worthy to say that 10 minutes before their set John Kevill came on the stage for whatever reason and the crowd went nuts and started a Warbringer chant, and he looked mad surprised/thrilled. I've never seen a band get such praise before they officially hit the stage before, and it was great to see these guys get such a great response. When they got on, they tore the place up. Kevill is one of the best modern frontmen around these days, he has absolute dominance over the stage. He is the fucking man, simply put (and I made that clear to him by yelling that throughout the set ). The band were incredible as well, and it is clear that they are doing what they are doing because they love it and have a fucking great time doing that. They are all down to earth as hell, and deserve all the success they have/will hopefully obtain. After the set John came down to the barricades and shook everyones hand/gave high fives, and he said they would be back in the spring with someone confidential. Definitely gonna be there to support the almighty Warbringer!

Decrepit Birth were after the mayhem, and honestly makethemsuffer pinned it, nothing else need be said. Good performance, technically talented, but oh so boring song wise/performance. Singer is very nice though, while I did not really enjoy them he did the same thing John did and I pounded him and told him he had a good show, very down to earth. Wish them luck for what they do though it isn't my scene.

Once Vader came, it went crazy once again. They are so ridiculously confident it's awesome. It reeks through their performance, Piotr sings great even with a sickness, and his mastery of the whammy is impressive regardless of the wankery. The only very unfortunate thing was his vocals were very low for halfway of the set, and they only raised it around the middle . Pawel is a ridiculous drummer, and he has a total dominance of the kit, and it was very impressive. The band was mad tight overall, and all the songs transferred very well live. The new songs were great, can't even pick a favorite. The old songs were exactly what I thought they would be. Carnal had to be one of my favorites of the night, I felt the venue shake when they played that one. Wings/Silent Empire should get MUCH credit as well, as brutal as the studio versions . After Vader were done we went to the merch area and John Kevill and John Laux were hanging out talking to people. I talked to Laux and told him he had a great performance, and told him to headline with playing an actual headlining set . He laughed and told me he wanted to headline, and they would try and get a slot. You could tell he was really drunk, so I left him alone and yelled to Kevill one last time "You're the fucking man!" and he laughed and gave me the horns. Fantastic show, made me hate deathcore 100x more, and made me love Warbringer/Vader 100x more. Roddy out
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