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Some dude posted this story about Rose Funeral at another metal forum:

Last night, I was at the Vader show. To my chagrin, I find out that a lame deathcore band, Rose Funeral, is opening. They are being heckled beyond belief, people are asking them to suck their shits, how it feels to be ***, etc. The guitarist of the band is trying to be a tough guy so he spits into the crowd. The spit almost hit me so I yell, "Wow you're a tough guy." sarcastically as the song ends.

He decides to build even more credit so he says, "I'm going to kill you." So I respond, "Try me." This continues for the rest of the set. Once the set ends, he runs off stage. A minute later, two big security guards escort me outside of the venue. I try to get to the manager to talk to him about the nonsense but he won't here it.

So, I begin to walk home. As a turn the corner I run into a group of Vader fans speaking polish, I assume. They see my God Dethroned shirt and I tell them about the bullshit the venue pulled. As I am talking to them, I see the guitarist from Rose Funeral.

I walked directly to him and ask him what his problem is. The first thing he tells me is that, "I'd fight you but I'm too mature and it's NYC. I don't want to be arrested. He starts to bitch and moan about how they get no respect and what not and how I deserved to be kicked out of the venue. I told him, "If you were kicking people out because they didn't like you, the venue would be empty."

After I say that, he motions over two of his band-mates. The first is a 5'6 bassist who is morbidly obese. My friends and I dubbed him, Porky, due to his resemblance to Porky the pig if he had gauges. The other is a roughly 6'5 person who I'd honestly not want to fuck with. Using his allies he tries to get in face hoping to get a three-on-one fight started.

As this happens, the Vader fans from before slam into them like it was an accident. He threatens to kill all of us. I asked him if it was a threat. He says yes. But goes back to the it's New York people are around excuse.

This neutralizes situation and it turns into a "he-said she-said" argument. The guitarist puts his hand out to shake hands and I say, "fuck you! You had me kicked out of the venue because you SPIT on ME." Porky did not like that.

Out of nowhere he comes out into me face yelling at me. I laugh. He gets really pissed off looks at me and then walks away. I walk away as well saying I had enough. I attempt to talk to the manager again.

This time he finally comes out and he is a 5'4 Asian fellow. I begin to yell at him telling him how he aided a band who threatened to kill me and how they attempted to jump me. I told him unless he lets me back in I will seek legal recourse. He tells me to "call my lawyer."

The drummer from Rose Funeral overhears this. He goes over to me and explains how the band has been getting laughed at every night. He also explains that the guitarist is an asshole who can't help acting that way. He tell basically tell me that as long as I don't do something like call the cops, he'll get me back in.

15 minutes pass, I know I missed Augury's set and now I see the band outside. I get to meet them and talk to them for a couple minutes. Eventually, the manager comes out and tells me to come back in and apologizes.

When I return, everyone who was around me tell me how they kicked out for no reason and etc. They then give me my spot back front and center. I see the rest of the show and have a great time.
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