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Originally Posted by makethemsuffer12 View Post
Jesus Christ Rose Funeral was the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. Not only were the band faggots themselves, their fans were fucking douches. But thankfully, alot of them got kicked out. Though there was one good thing out of there set, as there were these guys doing the YMCA and ballerina moves in the middle of the pit Those dude were awesome. Augury, yet very talented, were quite boring IMO. Same goes for The Amenta. One thing that I thought was funny about their set was that when their "keyboardist" yelled out it was as loud, if not louder than the PA from where I was standing Finally Warbringer came on and just fucking dominated the place. They were the main reason I came out to this show, and I'm damn glad I did. John Kevill is a real nice guy as well. Then Decripit Birth came on, and although I'm not really into them, they put on a good show, though I was a bit bored at times. After them came Vader, who kicked all sorts of ass. I don't really listen to them, but they were great live. Of course when Piotr introduced the band members, there was a Vitek chant when he introduced Vogg, whice was nice. One thing that I though was stupid though was that the vocals were kinda buried in the mix until the last song before the encore. Overall a really good show... except for Rose Funeral who was possibly the worst piece of shit band I have seen live. Fucking posers.

Edit: I was gonna write a review for this, but this guy beat me to it. I'll write it when I get back to Bing, don't got time. Makethemsuffer summed it up damned well though
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