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Trivium -- Albany, NY -- November 3rd, 2009

let me start off by saying the show was great but the merch was way overpriced. 65 dollars for a hoody is too much to me but anyways...

i dont know dirge within but they were good

father of lies
vicer exicer
father of lies
they played another song or two also.
they also said they were statanic which i didnt know but they crowd didnt care cause they were more concerned with breakdowns. they were good though

pure hatred
they played like 4 other songs but i didn't know them. they played a short set to me

end of everything
drowned and torn asunder
when all light dies
into the mouth of hell we march
down from the sky
pillars of serpents
to the rats
throes of perdition

they were amazing and matt screamed through the crusade songs which was cool and came into the crowd to play the solo in when all light dies. i paid for the meet and greet and chilled with them after the show. matt and paolo seemed really down for it and were talking taking pictures and matt said the next album is going to have a heavy beatles influence .
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