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Originally Posted by jerry1013 View Post
Buckcherry did fucking rock, I wasn't too big a fan but they put on a hell of a concert. They sounded great. The songs I did know sounded great and the others that are new to me were also good, has anyone ever noticed Lit Up has the exact same riff as Shock Me?

As for's fucking KISS! The best show out there, they sounded great! I was a bit dissapointed that only MDD was played from the new album. Still the set rocked.
I saw the Nashville show and thought it was pretty cool. I too realy dig Buckcherry and thought they sounded good. I have seen them with monster magent in the late 1990s and on their own in a club a couple years back and those times they were really great. I was happy they got picked up to open.
Kiss was a fun show to see, wish they would have kept the set as long as it was the first couple of nights. We got "hell Yeah" or something to that effect form the new cd in the spot where you got cold Gin. would have rather heard cold gin. Hell yeah isn't as good to me as Modern Day Delilah, whihc comes of great live.
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