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This show was also a Pay per view..I had gotten it and copied it to a VHS tape...just recently a buddy of mine burnt it to a dvd..still looks and sounds great. Geezer butler on bass, Zakk's first tour...the set is shorter then you think once you factor in that both Sweet leaf and Iron Man are partial songs that blend into the song after it...I too have seen ozzy several times and it is usually never more then 13 or 14 songs at best....same when he rejoined sabbath I saw the new years eve show in 98 and the set was awesome...went the next night in Las Vegas and they cut the set by about 4 songs....and have never gone back to a longer set with Ozzy...
also on the show the Bullet Boys get booed off the stage...they get pissed and that make the crowd even more brutal...had to hurt since they were actually live pay per view...
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