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Originally Posted by dualcitizenrocker View Post
wow only 13 songs, I hope the price of the ticket wasn't too much
They probably weren't ticket costs were no where near as high 20 years ago as they are now. I've seen Ozzy live 6 or 7 times and he's always done short sets. The longest set i've saw him do was in 1992 when AIC opened He played over 90 minutes which is huge for him. Unfortunately the years of heavy alcohol and drug abuse has always taken it's tool on him live even after he got sober. He still has always put on the best performance possible considering how fucked up physically he is.

His sets are always predictable with very few surprises now-a-days but he did do some cool stuff before he got to old. Ozzy once said in an interview the reason he plays the same songs all the time is because there are always people coming to see him for the first time and there's certian songs they wanna hear. I understand where he's coming from on that and with that logic it does make sense why he doesn't change the live set at all.
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