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The Black Dahlia Murder -- Cleveland, OH -- November 6th, 2009

Venue:Peabody's Downunder

last time I missed Trap Them so this was my first time seeing those guys and they are one hell of a live band. go out and pick up one of their cds-you won't be disappointed

Toxic Holocaust
Wild Dogs
War is Hell
In The Name Of Science
Endless Armageddon
Lord Of The Wasteland
??????(i went outside before this song, my guess is that it was Nuke the Cross)

I didn't write down the Skeletonwitch set but here are most of the songs they played-
Upon Wings of Black
Beyond the Permafrost
Submit to the Suffering
Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
The Despoiler of Human Life
Within My Blood

The Black Dahlia Murder
Everything Went Black
Black Valor
Closed Casket Requiem
A Vulgar Picture
I Worship Only What You Bleed
Christ Deformed
What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse
I'm Charming
Statutory Ape
Deathmask Divine
Unhallowed/Funeral Thirst

same setlist as the other headling shows this tour. this was my 7th time seeing bdm and they were awesome as always. and as always i met trevor after the show and my girlfriend and i had a nice talk with him. no matter what you hear or read about him he is one of the nicest, most appreciative people i've ever met. i say appreciate because anytime i give him a compliment about his vocals or the band he seems like he really appreciates that his fans love his music. he told us after they come back from europe they're going on another north american tour. and for the first time ever i got to have a talk with brian, the mastermind behind bdm's music. i gave him a "rolled cigarette" filled with the good stuff(not tobacco kids) and he later thanked me for it when he was rolling his amp out the door.
Until next time, Peace Out
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