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This was a pretty good concert. By the time I arrived, I only caught High On Fire's last two songs, which sucked (the fact I missed their set). I was really looking forward to them. The two songs I saw were really good, though.

Converge were good. I was kinda scared about their set, because although I dig their music, I've heard they SUCK live. They were very good live, I thought. My friend said they sounded like a "dying dog" though. She's never heard their music before, so that may explain it. I was prepared.

Mastodon sounded great, much better than at Center Stage. Still, I didn't like them as much as at Center Stage- I guess seeing the same band 2 times within 6 months is too much. I liked "Mother Puncher" a lot and "The Bit" was AWESOME, almost made up for the fact they didn't play "Blood and thunder." ALMOST.

Dethklok were awesome, much better than I had anticipated. This is coming from a guy who spaced out during most of their set. Why? I loved the first couple of songs I heard, very heavy and great sounding. But then maybe during the third song I suddenly started feeling so much pain. I think I had a mega-headache. I was sure I was going to pass out. The pain was so bad I thought I was going to die. My eyes were closed and I was just rocking back and forth.

Finally most of the pain went away though I still had a headache. It was then I noticed two things.

1) My ears felt as if they were bleeding. Seriously, they hurt so much. I covered my ears and I felt a little better though it was hard to focus on the band. I uncovered my ears and was shocked at the volume level. I'm sure it wasn't THAT loud, but aren't concerts like 100 decibels? It felt like 1000 decibels, even when music wasn't playing. It was intolerable, it felt so painful just to listen. So I covered my ears back up and realized the band sounded great. I could hear them perfectly. What I heard was almost the same volume level as the previous bands, with uncovered ears (slight exaggeration).

2) I was DRENCHED with sweat. I was DRIPPING. Not just my face, but my entire body. It was then I came to a conclusion that I was suffering from dehydration and that it was having really weird effects on me. Holy crap, was I wrong in thinking dehydration was just feeling extremely thirsty- I didn't even feel that thirsty, hahaha.

I was an idiot and stayed, though. Finally my friend led me out because she saw that I was looking really out of it.

Highlights: I tried moshing for the first time. I was the idiot with the Kylesa sirt who was running across the pit really awkwardly. My favorite pit was the final screaming of "Crack the Skye" because everyone was bunched up and there was no need for awkward running. I was knocked over the first time, to "Concubine," but I was expecting it.
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