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Very cool review. I missed Trivium here because it was on Whore-o-ween night but heard nothing but great shit about them. They even had a crab cake cooking contest before the show that was judged by local radio station guys. I watched them from backstage at the Mayhem fest and it was incredible watching the crowd response to them from the stage. I remember calling them the Nicholas Cage of Metal. People either love em or hate em.

I wasn't a big fan of their Mayhem setlist but this set covers virtually all of my favorite songs. I'll definitely catch them next time through.

As far as Chimaira... they were one of my favorite bands. I might be one of the few people who like their commercial "Alice in Chains" sounding stuff like Down Again & Crawl and their nu-metal sounding stuff like Gag & Sp lit but I can't get into the new stuff. I like 2 or 3 songs and the rest just plod along and go in one ear and out the other for me. I can't picture tham making any new fans with this album and I can definitely see them losing fans because of it. Chimaira basically pulled an Unearth to me. They were on the verge of blowing up and shat the bed. Sucks...
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