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Dude I love Chimaira. I agree, Rob Arnold is a beast. My favorite guitar player. I love the new album. Everyone thinks it's too slow, but it's so heavy and has amazing breakdowns (greatest breakdown of all time in my opinion in Frozen in Time).

I had a similar experience with crowd surfers. I fuckin hate them so much. I went to Mayhem this past year. I was at the barracades for the jaggermeister stage. During Dirge Within and God Forbid there were very little crowd surfers so I got to enjoy the show at front row. But as soon as All That Remains came on, a massive wave of crowd surfers just hit like the apocolypse. I love All That Remains and I was excited to see them again, but literally for the entire 30 minute set, I was getting kicked in the back of the head or helping the security dudes catch people. I got to see very little of them, I was sooo pissed. For Trivium there were very little crowd surfers again, just a lot of pits. I think there were a lot for ATR because all the girls love Phil and the majority of the crowd surfers were girls.
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