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Trivium -- New York, NY -- November 5th, 2009

1. The Venom Inside
2. Resurrection
3. Power Trip
4. Empire
5. The Dissappearing Sun
6. Nothing Remains
7. Pure Hatred

(Could be missing one Chimaira song or so, don't remember them playing more than two new ones)

1. Rain
2. Drowened and Torn Asunder
3. When All Light Dies
4. Into the Mouth of Hell We March
5. Down From The Sky
6. Like Light To The Flies
7. Pillars of Serpents
8. Ascendancy
9. To The Rats
10. Detonation
11.Throes of Perdition
12. A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
13. Pull Harder On THe Strings Of Your Martyr

I was really hoping this show would be worth it due to me going down 100+ miles and taking a 4 hour bus ride. I can definitely say it was an awesome show, best time I've seen Trivium out of the 4 times and Chimaira put on a real nice show, even in spite of the fact that their new album sucks donkey balls. I got to the city at 8-ish, so the show had already started by the time I arrived at the venue. When I got there Whitechapel were practically done with their last song, and they got off soon after. Out of the 30 seconds I heard of them, they sounded pretty awful as usual .

I met up with some friends there, so that was really fun, I haven't seen them in 2 months or so, so in between Whitechapel/Chimaira's set we were catching up and just talking. Once Chimaira hit the stage the place went nuts, almost too nuts. Due to this show, I now have a mixed perception of crowd surfers. They can get REALLY fucking annoying and be near-show-ruiners, yet it is fun and I myself have done it on multiple occasions. I was at the barricade for this show, and literally during ALL of Chimaira's set I had to be looking behind my back for crowd surfers, it was absurd. I got hit in the head multiple times, one security personell was a bit of a douche, didn't prove to fun. It definitely lowered my enjoyment of Chimaira's set, but other than that they were great. I personally hate the new album, but even the new songs transfered well live. Of course nothing could beat the olds songs though, "Resurrection" and "Nothing Remains" were absolutely balls out heavy. Great set, Rob Arnold's a beast, and as a band they definitey have the live advantage.

Come 40 minutes or so came the headliner Trivium. The interesting thing with Trivium is two things combined: a) They were always the mockery of the metal world come The Crusade/arguably still are, and b) Their performances were always beng scrutinized for Heafy's attempt at "thrash metal" vocals and such. When Shogun came out, I immediatly thought that was a fantstic album that should shut the haters up, but of course they still have shit to say, but I always stuck up for the album and everything, but when it came to live performance, I had seen them two times prior to Shogun toruing cycle, and they were good, but nothing outstanding. Now, after seeingthem twice on the Shogun cycle, I can definitely have that to my advantage in terms of explaining how much Trivium have evolved. They grew from a metalcore band that were bound to go down the same path and make the same annoying music (e.g. Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, etc.) to making unoriginal "thrash" metal, to making one of the most unique records out there. To me, they are a band that has gotten better with each release, and their live performance could not exemplify that more. Heafy has evolved so much as a voclist/frontman, and the band is ridiculously tight. The trading of screams between Heafy/Corey is incredibly well done, and the old songs sound so much better with Heafy's new adaptive style and the new songs transfer excellently. I've always thought Heafy has a better singing voice thatn guttural, but he has definitely imporved on the latter, and it's awesome to see. I have seen them 4 times, and this was definitely the best I've seen them. Trivium are no longer a band that entitles "fail" or "unoriginal". They have grown so much in the span of 3-4 years, and it shows. See them live, listen to Shogun, anything. You can not like them, but until you see them live, I don't see how it wouldn't mark an impression.

So anyway, great show, absoultely great. Highlights were "Drowned And Torn Asunder", "Ascendancy", "Throes Of Perdition", and the two Crusade-ers. Crowd surfers only got annoying during four songs, so it was tolerable for the most part. I've always thought Trivium need to stop closing with Pull Harder, it's getting real annoying to hear that at the end. Random, but I am a strong believer of that. Cool point during some song in the middle that I can't remember, Heafy just handed away his guitar (it was probably out of tune or something) and sang without it and started playing air guiar . Definitely handed it professionally, just more exampes of how they've grown. Final nitbit, Heafy told the crowd before Gunshot that this would be the last time they would be playing the city for a year or more, because in the middle of 2010 they will be going into the studio to record their 5th full-length. Matt said since the fans are awesome, been supporting, etc. etc., this will be the best Trivium album without a question, so I will ABSOLUTELY be interested to see if they can out-perform themselves after Shogun, cause that album is platinum shit. Roddy out
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