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Originally Posted by Acruce_Mortem View Post
come on its fucking pantera and slayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what else do you need???
Theyre my two favorite bands, trust me, I would've cried at this gig at how much it would've meant to see them both in one night.

Just in retrospect, those setlists are certainly on the lower end of what those bands have to offer. I mean, Slayer have alot of Diabolus in there, and Phil was at an all time low with Pantera.

And with regards the Morbid Angel arena thing, they supported Iron Maiden last year in Mexico with Carcass. Granted, thats an odd billing that happens once in a blue moon, but Morbid Angel are one of the bigger and more respectable Death Metal bands, and as such do get the occasional BIG gig.
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