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Burning Times
Vengeance Is Mine
The Hunter
The Reckoning
Angels Holocaust
The Path I Choose
Meloncoholy(Holy Martyr)
Something Wicked Part 1
Motivation Of Man
Setian Massacre
Ten Thousand Strong
The Clouding
Behold The Wicked Child
Crown Of The Fallen
I Walk Alone
Come What May
Burning Oasis
Pure Evil
Travel In Stygian
Slave To The Dark
A Question Of Heaven

Encore 1:
Birth Of The Wicked
Coming Curse

Encore 2:
Burnt Offerings
Dante's Inferno

I seriously doubt they're up to doing a 31 song set though but that's why it's a dream set. I would've put in the Gettysburg Trilogy but didn't in favor of doing stuff off Framing Armageddon and Crucible Of Man i've always felt those two albums should've been better represented the last few tours considering how much time John Scaffer spent to get those two albums complete.
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