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Originally Posted by Acruce_Mortem View Post
that could be true too. ive looked at this at every angle. BDM is one of my faves. ive seen this band more than any other. i just thought i would share my story to get other peoples opinions.

anyway $15 for the shirts. lol

i mean i was drunk as shit. screaming the words and throwing my hands in the air. ive said it more than once, it was probably something i deserved.

but still, it should not of happened!

meh i still stand by my original statement lol

but $15??????? looks like i'm getting a BDM and a skeletonwitch shirt!!!!

im so excited for tonight, BDM is one of my favorites and i fucking missed them at mayhem, got there right when they were finishing up, walked behind the stage through the lot and when we got to the gate my GF left her phone in my car so we had to walk allll the way back. feels bad man.
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