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Originally Posted by Statutory-Mike View Post
Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more. I've only seen them once, but I can imagine that I'd be pissed if I'd seen them 8 times and they still hadn't played some of my favorite songs. I really wonder what the reason they only play around an hour is anyway.

Friday in cleveland will be my 7th time seeing them. Every time I've seen them they've played a vulgar picture, miasma, and funeral thirst-I'm still nowhere near being sick of those songs live. seeeing them this many times I've seen almost every song off the first 3 albums live. i've seen them play 15-17 song setlists before and I think they're still working in ryan, that why they're only playing for an hour. We have to remember john was in the band since unhallowed so it's gotta be hard to work a new guy into his spot. when they come back from the bonecrusher tour and do their second deflorate tour is when i think we'll see more stuff off of deflorate
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