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Originally Posted by Raivotar View Post
Agreed. Even the band thinks it's their weakest album. The last leg of the tour not having a single song from that album was very nice. I think they only put those songs in this time because people were whining about it.
or it could be since they have a replacement drummer (the other guy had 'personal issues' to deal with), maybe he already knew those 2 songs, or that they were easy to learn) I think it was Paolo who told the group of us (there were like 10 fans waiting outside the back exit of the building), that the drummer only had 2 weeks to learn those songs.

As far as times go (approx obviously)
Chimaira 9:15-9:55 (since they were supposed to play 'the flame', they prob were supposed to go on at around 9:10 or so),
Trivium 10:25. Trivium actually opened with the Ghostbusters theme song (Paolo's idea, he had heard it, and thought it be a funny idea).

And if my damn internet would stop being gay, i would upload pics too (i got a great epic one of Heafy right in front of me), as well as a good one with the singer of whitechapel as Captain America.
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