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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
The guy in the band isn't going to recognize every single person they've ever hung out with. I seriously doubt he was pissed at you for having your hands in his face, but if he's performing, he's going to do what he has to do to keep the performance at a high level (I've seen BDM three times, and they always have insane energy). If a kids hands were in my face and I was giving all my energy to a song, I'd probably do something to get him off of me too. Be thankful he didn't kick you in the face or anything, but I seriously doubt he was trying to be a dick to you or anything.

i can agree with what your saying. the whole not getting recognized wasnt any issue. i didnt expect that. but when he shoved my face it did seem more than him trying to get me off him. it not like it matters, they still are one of my favorite bands, so ill go see them again. i can understand what happened, in the end i probably deserved it. i just thought i would share my story.
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