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This was actually one of the best shows I have been to. The full lineup was Ramming Speed/Population Reduction/Brainoil/Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul, but I don't know Ramming Speed or Brainoil very well and they didn't announce any songs so I have no partial sets or anything like that.
I had never been to the Oakland Metro before, but it was pretty much a warehouse with a 4 foot stage towards the middle of it, and a bar to the side. The Metro was a larger venue than I had expected, but still definitely not "big".
Ramming Speed got on at about 8:30 and played till a little before 9. They were a fun band, they actually sounded better than they do on the CD, but the crowd didn't get to into them. At this point the venue was probably only 1/4 full, and I figured it would only increase a little, but by Cannabis Corpse it was completely filled and probably had a few hundred people.
Population Reduction played a very short set, less than 20 minutes, but they were probably the funniest and most interactive band of the night. The singer/guitarist was like a less-douchey Seth Putnam. My only complaint would be that they did not play long enough and, even though they are a two person band, the lack of bass made the sound very "empty" at times. They were going to play Sausage Factory Showdown, but they cut it for some reason.
Brainoil were next, and they got an amazing reaction from the crowd. I don't know anything about Brainoil, but I'm guessing they are from the area because nearly the entire crowd knew their songs. I personally didn't love them, they are more doomy/sludgy than I like, and almost all of the slow doom parts of their songs sounded exactly the same. The more heavy metal style songs were fun and they were definitely talented musicians, so I really wouldn't give them a negative recommendation.
Prior to the night before the concert I had never even listened to Cannabis Corpse, but they were a very good band. I was hoping they didn't just play Cannibal Corpse songs with altered lyrics, and luckily they had original songs. The weed theme gets a little old, but they are a bit of a joke band so its ok, and their mascot(Budmonster I believe) was stagediving, running around, hugging people etc. during their set and I have to admit that was pretty cool. I have a feeling almost a majority of the crowd came solely for Cannabis Corpse, because they went completely insane once the music started. Both them and Ghoul had the most stage diving I have ever seen at a concert, and the combination of that, people skanking everywhere, multiple costumed people and Landphil being on stage made it look a lot like a Municipal Waste concert, which isn't a bad thing at all. They played for shorter than I would have figured, less than 45 minutes, and unfortunately did not encore despite non stop chanting for 10 minutes after they left the stage.
Ghoul was really who I came to see, they are one of my favorite band, and don't play to often so a Halloween show with them was hard to pass up. Ghoul took awhile to set up, and while they were setting up they were all out of costume, but in Slipknot style black jumpsuits, so I thought they might do the show as humans because it was Halloween. Luckily they did not. The set they played was pretty much the same as when I saw them in May, with the addition of Merde and a new song called Off with Their Heads. It was also interesting because after Graveyard Mosh they finished the Ghoul part of the song, which I have never heard of them doing (I'm sure they did when the album first came out, but at least in the last few years.) During their set they brought out what I assume to be a Numbskull, a zombie ish guy with a huge deformed head that had a gaping wound in it and sprayed the crowd with blood; some sort of variant of Gore Boar, which was the normal Gore Boar costume minus the mask and gut; and Killbot. Ghoul were great as always, despite a lot of technical difficulties, and closed up and awesome Halloween show. I was actually able to get their setlist after the show, which was made significantly cooler because it is splattered in blood.
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