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Originally Posted by Acruce_Mortem View Post
i really agree about the nocturnal songs. i really wished they would play those. ive seen BDM about 8 times and they never play To A Breathless Oblivion. that and Virally Yours are the only songs i havent seen live. ive never even heard of them playing it. and about Unhallowed they only play the same songs off it everytime i see them. (Funeral Thirst, Elder, Last Grave Emptied, and Blackest Incarnation.) what about Thy Horror Cosmic, Contagion, Apex???? i really wished those songs would return!

Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more. I've only seen them once, but I can imagine that I'd be pissed if I'd seen them 8 times and they still hadn't played some of my favorite songs. I really wonder what the reason they only play around an hour is anyway.
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