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Review to come.

Population Reduction

Criminal Commercial Consumption
Taking Bong Rips In The Tombs Of The Blind Dead
Babies are Assholes
Punching Zombies in the Face
Hash Smoking Grind Freaks
Real Zombies Don't Run (new)
Cannabis Holocaust

Cannabis Corpse

Blunted at Birth
Every Bud Smoken
Sentenced to Burn One
Skull Full of Bong Hits
Reefer Stashed Place
Fucked with Northern Lights
I Will Smoke You
I Cum Bud
Staring Through My Eyes that are Red


New Intro
As Your casket Closes
Mutant Mutilator
Graveyard Mosh
Off With Their Head (new)
Rise Killbot Rise
Gutbucket Blues
(Kill the) Kids in America

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