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Originally Posted by Statutory-Mike View Post
I couldn't agree with you more. I feel the same in the sense that they're holding out some of the best songs on Nocturnal: Of Darkness Spawned, To A Breathless Oblivion, Warborn. I would be ecstatic if they threw in one of those, or decided to play one of the superior songs on Deflorate like I Will Return or Denounced Disgrace. The one thing I think they're doing right is picking all of the strongest songs on Miasma though. Also, I'm glad they're playing Closed Casket Requiem this tour, that's one of my favorites on Unhollowed.

i really agree about the nocturnal songs. i really wished they would play those. ive seen BDM about 8 times and they never play To A Breathless Oblivion. that and Virally Yours are the only songs i havent seen live. ive never even heard of them playing it. and about Unhallowed they only play the same songs off it everytime i see them. (Funeral Thirst, Elder, Last Grave Emptied, and Blackest Incarnation.) what about Thy Horror Cosmic, Contagion, Apex???? i really wished those songs would return!

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